Survey for Psychiatrists’ attitudes on psychedelics

Dear Sirs,

I am a PhD student and medical doctor working at the University of Split School of Medicine on Croatia. Within my PhD, I am studying psychiatrists’ attitudes on psychedelics (and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy) – specifically those working within Europe. Our research team has previously created and validated a questionnaire for this purpose. The study is being conducted in light of the recent developments in research on psychedelic-assisted therapy for mental disorders which have gained considerable attention in the last few years.

I am writing to you to ask you if it is possible for the Greek Psychiatric Association to disseminate our survey to your members (via newsletter, web-site, e-mail, whichever is most convenient), as it would provide us with very valuable insights. Your members are sure to provide very relevant responses based on their expertise. Such a survey may also be interesting and informative for them and an opportunity for them to express their opinions on an issue potentially relevant for certain future practices in psychiatry.

You can find the link to the survey below:

Let me know if this is something that would be possible and/or if you need some additional information (e.g. ethical approval, a text with basic information/call for participation).

I kindly thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this request.

All the best,

Marija Franka Žuljević

Marija Franka Žuljević, MD

Instructor, Department of Medical Humanities

Faculty of Medicine, University of Split

Split, Croatia

Cochrane Croatia